Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hello and welcome to Beach Hause Hawaii! 🌺 Dive into our FAQs below for some insight into common queries:

1. Can I cancel or change my order after placing it?

  • Once your order sets sail and is shipped, it's locked in. Most items embark within 24 hours, so double-check your order and shipping address to ensure smooth sailing.

2. I received a faulty, damaged, or incorrect item. What should I do?

  • Oops, that's not what we intended! We're here to make it right. If you encounter any issues, reach out to us at within 3 days.
  • Provide your full name, order number, and details of the problem.
  • Share clear photos and videos showcasing the issue.
  • Rest assured, we'll catch your wave and respond within 24-48 hours.

3. How do I get a replacement?

  • Drop us a line at
  • Include your full name, order number, and a detailed explanation of the problem.
  • Attach visual proof with photos and videos.
  • Hang tight, and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

4. How long does my order take to arrive?

  • Domestic Journey: Most in-stock items set sail within 1 business day from Hawaii. Continental U.S. orders usually make landfall in 7-10 business days (unless you've got a Priority or Express ticket). Delays are like unexpected waves—possible but not guaranteed.
  • International Adventure: Orders sailing worldwide might take 1-2 months to reach you. International shipping has its own set of waves, including customs inspections. Remember, taxes, duties, and customs fees are your responsibility.

5. Can Discount Coupon Codes be applied to previous purchases?

  • Sail smoothly with your discount codes at checkout! Remember to press "Apply" for the magic.
  • Unfortunately, we can't adjust prices post-launch.
  • Only one code per purchase, and they can't rewind time to apply to previous purchases.

6. My tracking says it was delivered, but I didn't receive it. What should I do?

  • First, check your shipping address—it's the North Star of your order.
  • Look for any delivery notices left by the carrier.
  • Search high and low around your place and entrances.
  • Check if someone else (family, roommates, neighbors) grabbed it without your knowledge.
  • Reach out to your friendly mail carrier—they might have insights.
  • Sometimes, packages claim they've arrived while still on the move. Give it 36 hours.
  • If it's still MIA after 3 days past its ETA, file a missing package claim with USPS here.

Have more questions? We're here to help—reach out to us via our Contact Page. Thank you for being part of our ohana at Beach Hause Hawaii! 🌴🌊